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DPM Disk Creator

This software will allow you to create disks for the DPM-100 and DPM-700 from a Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 system.

Download Now   (3.1MB)

Download and install by running the DPM Disk Creator Setup program. This will create a program group called DPM Disk Creator. Run the DPM Disk Creator program and you will have the option of creating software for a DPM-100 or DPM-700. You will then need to specify what version of software you wish to create and what type of disk you wish to create (Diagnostic, System or Conversion). After these selections are made you can then select Create Disk. Remove and label this disk when prompted.

Note: You must only use double density disks on the DPM and K-Scope system. This is apparent by looking at the upper left corner of the disk. A double density disk does not have a hole in its upper left corner. A high density disk does have a hole in its upper left corner. See below.

Double Density Disk High Density Disk
Double Density Disk (Note no hole in upper left corner) High Density Disk (NOT COMPATIBLE!)